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Animal care has always been a passion of mine. Ever since I was a very young child I have always loved animals — having spent my childhood caring for and riding horses.

I care deeply about animal welfare, am a dedicated volunteer for my local animal rescue and am always at my happiest when I am around animals!  I absolutely LOVE dogs, having owned a dog myself , Paddy for the last 13 years until he sadly passed away at Christmas.  Paddy was truly my best friend, we did so much together, travelled, enjoyed countryside hikes, then he would cuddle up on the sofa with me and I miss him every single day. Dogs bring so much joy into your life and I feel lucky to spend time with other peoples now for my dog walking clients. Having worked full time in London in the past, which included travelling, I can fully understand and empathise with how hard it can be to juggle work and pet ownership, not only day to day for dog walking but also for small animal pet care when you are away from home, so I wanted to help and offer both services.

I am lucky enough to have 9 pets of my own at home who i shall introduce you to.  Firstly, my two lovely hens, Patsy and Edina *named after Absolutely Fabulous as Patsy has a mohawk head feathers just like Patys beehive hair do!These characterful girls love scratching around the garden for worms, sunbathing, checking themselves out in their mirror and lay the most beautiful blue eggs. I have rescue chinchilla's, Levi ,a young male and Mabel a female. Both I bonded and adore racing around my lounge in the evenings, snoozing in the day and the odd raisin treat.  I adopted two male rabbits, Heinz and Mannie who love playing in the garden and often in my vegetable patch! Last but not least, my three wonderful, endearing guinea pigs herd, Denzil a young male and Cheese and Pickle, two females *named after my favourite sandwich filling! This lovely trio are full of character and are like free gardeners eating my grass for free and zooming around together.

I had never intended on having so many pets of my own. However, when you volunteer at an animal rescue and see how many unwanted animals come in through no fault of their own, it becomes impossible to resist to try and help provide them a better life as they all deserve.  I try to offer all my clients and my own pets the best life I possibly can, through the right care, exercise, attention, fun and enrichment and who, in return offer so much happiness into my life. I started Lucy Loves Pets, as I love being around all kinds of animals and am really passionate about what I do.  I love all my furry clients, from all my lovely dog clients I walk, to the adorable, character cats I visit, to the hens I care for, down to the fish I feed.  I really do always start each day with a huge grin on my face!.  I wanted to offer professional, friendly responsible services for fellow animal lovers, so here I am living my dream, *without sounding too cheesey !

I have been a dedicated volunteer and Team Leader at my local animal sanctuary, Second Chance Animal Rescue for two years now. Alongside my fellow volunteers, I help care for the large variety of animals that they offer a safe haven for.  Responsibilities include feeding, watering, cleaning enclosures, exercising and providing enrichment. I work with domestic, exotic and farmyard animals at least once a week and was lucky enough to be able to help every day during lockdown!  I have also attended birds of prey weekend fundraising events, helped at care home animal therapy visits and have fostered rescue dogs in my own home for the charity. 

I always continue to develop my animal care knowledge as much as possible and have recently completed a CPD Certified training course in Dog First Aid and Emergency Care and Animal Assisted Therapy Level 3 - CPD Accredited Course with a Higher Distinction Grade. I have recently during the second UK lockdown now completed Animal Care Level 2 and 3 also achieving a Higher Distinction grade for both and you can view both certificates here. I am excited to now start Level 4, Advanced.

I hope I get the chance to meet your lovely pet soon.