Animal care has always been a passion of mine. Ever since I was a very young child I have always loved animals — having spent my childhood caring for and riding horses.

I myself have adopted six rescue animals, my amazing and wonderful dog Paddy, who truly is my best friend for the last 13 years. Paddy was the last remaining puppy left of a litter of dropped to Battersea Dogs Home at 12 weeks old and I can't imagine life without him. I adopted two rescue male rabbits, Heinz who is an adorable, shy ginger and Mannie, a younger black inquisitive soul, who are now totally bonded and the very best of friends who love free roaming in my garden and often in my vegetable patch! Last but not least, my three wonderful, endearing rescue guinea pigs, Denzil a young male who had been mistreated in his past home, but is now safe with me and enjoying his herd life. I have two older bonded females, Cheese and Pickle *named after my favourite sandwich filling! This lovely trio are full of character and have different personalities and just LOVE to eat! 

I had never intended on having so many rescue pets of my own. However, when you volunteer at an animal rescue and see how many unwanted animals come in through no fault of their own, it becomes impossible to resist to try and help provide them a better life as they all deserve.  I try to offer every animal the best life I possibly can, through care, attention and enrichment and who, in return offer so much happiness into my life. I started Lucy Loves Pets, as I am really passionate about animal welfare, so after 20 years working in the fashion industry in London, it was time to make the change.  I have always wanted to work with animals every day away from the 9 to 5, so decided to turn my dream into a reality! 

I have been a dedicated volunteer at my local animal sanctuary, Second Chance Animal Rescue for over a year and am honoured to hold the voluntary role jointly as Head of Exotics team. Alongside my fellow volunteers, I help care for the large variety of animals that they offer a safe haven for.  Responsibilities include feeding, watering, cleaning enclosures, exercising and providing enrichment. I work with domestic, exotic and farmyard animals 2, 3 times a week, depending on my free time.  I have also attended birds of prey weekend fundraising events, helped at care home animal therapy visits and have fostered rescue dogs in my own home. I continue to admire all the hard work the trustees and fellow volunteers give for the love of all the animals. Volunteering was actually the catalyst to pursue my passion to work with animals as my career. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to be a volunteer and will always continue to volunteer and support the charity as much as I can.

I always continue to develop my animal care knowledge as much as possible and have recently completed a CPD Certified training course in Dog First Aid and Emergency Care.  I have also recently started a new course , Animal Assisted Therapy Level 3 - CPD Accredited Course. 

I hope I get the chance to meet your lovely pet soon.