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Group, Solo Walks, Puppy, Older Dog Home and Evening Visits

My countryside adventure style walks always aim to ensure your dog has the most fun, exercise and mental stimulation as possible. I always send as a standard service a personal walk update to every client via WhatsApp with images/video for extra peace of mind while you cannot be with your pet.

Walks can be on lead, or off lead as required by each dog. Off lead walks are offered only in safe, secure areas away from any roads or danger and are strictly on the understanding of your dog having excellent recall, being well behaved and with prior written consent signing my 'Off Lead Consent' form.

All my adventure walks are within our immediate beautiful natural Kent countryside across fields, through woodlands, along riversides in to keep the routes as diverse and fun as possible with plenty of exploring to be enjoyed!

Mini Group walk One Hour £13.50 up to maximum of only x3 dogs in the same local area of a similar character and ability. I rarely have x3 in a group so are usually smaller size also. Price including pick up, drop off, paw clean and refresh water.  Group walks allow for important socialization and a great way to encourage play and companionship between dogs. 

Solo walk £18.50 including pick up, drop off, paw clean and refresh water. Due to age, illness or behavioural issues, some dogs need to be exercised at home in familiar surroundings, or walked alone. Solo walks are very popular with a dedicated one to one attention and i'm happy to take a ball, frisbee or any other type of favourite toy out on the walk, to ensure maximum fun and mental stimulation at all times.  If your dog needs longer than one hour I can tailor the walk for a longer time as needed and where I have availability in my schedule of course.

Solo walk or Home Visit Pop in. 30 minute £8.50. 

As some dogs such as puppies, or elderly dogs may only need a shorter walk or visit at home due to age or illness I can tailor a short walk , pop in to suit your dogs needs best. Time includes pick up, drop off , paw clean, toilet assistance, exercise, feeding and water refresh as required.

Evening Home Visits/Pet Sitting 60 minute visit £15.50. Shorter time also available

Available between the hours of 5pm and 11pm Monday to Friday. Weekend evening visits will be charged at £5 extra. A useful last minute service if you unexpectedly get stuck late in the office, have a train delay, traffic problems, or a last minute event comes up and you can't get back home as planned for your pet. Alternatively if your dog is nervous when left alone, or very young, I can sit with them while you are out in the evening for dinner, or an event. I know would have found this type of service so useful personally myself over the years I was working and commuting from London, as a dog owner myself.

Please see my Testimonials, Facebook recommendations and Google reviews to hear my client reviews.

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Cat home visits for when you are away from your pet

A 30 minute visit £10 per visit, for up to three cats per household. This cost includes feeding, water refresh or fountain top up, change of litter and playing, stroking, any type of interaction as preferred by each cat. I always send a WhatsApp update after each visit along with photographs for extra reassurance.

Cats by nature, tend to prefer to stay in their home environment, rather than be put in a cattery. This will avoid unnecessary stress and disruption to their routine.  Service for pets while you are out working, or away on holiday. I will also take in post, water any indoor plants and leave lights on/off as an extra security assistance all part of the service. If you have multiple pets, I can visit them all at the same time then, so all your fur babies are happy.

Please see my testimonials page, Facebook recommendations to see other clients feedback for this service.

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Caring for your small pet in the comfort of their home

30 minute visit £7.50 including feeding, water refresh, interaction, putting into an outdoor run for exercise where needed per pet type and change of bedding where required.​

Covering rabbits, guinea pigs, hens, ducks, degu, chinchilla, mice, hamsters, fish, tortoises. I love them all! 

I always send a WhatsApp message update after each visit with photographs for extra reassurance. I can also provide cage/hutch cleaning via prearrangement for £2.50 extra

supplement, due to the time and work involved.

As a multiple small pet owner myself of hens, rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas, I know how convenient and stress free it is to have a home visit rather than having to take them somewhere else and potentially to multiple pet hotel facilities.

Please see my Testimonials, Facebook recommendations and Google reviews

to hear my client reviews.

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I will care for your pet/s in the comfort of their own home staying overnight providing pet care plus house security as one overall service.

Price is from £60 per Overnight stay

Initially Pet/House sitting was not a service I had considered to offer.  However, as I was receiving so many enquiries from people with dogs who would be happier staying in their own home environment and from multiple pet households all wanting this service, I decided to add to my services. I understand as a multiple pet owner myself, it is much more convenient to have someone stay at your home, rather than have to cause disruption by having to move your pets.

I offer this service only for up to 2 nights, for mid week or weekend breaks, where I do not have plans myself. I am fully insured for pet sitting, very responsible, reliable and you can be reassured I will ensure your property is safe, secure and all your animals will be well cared for during my stay.

I need time away from your home during the day to carry out my daily commitments, never leaving your own pet more than four hours during the day.

Price is inclusive of all pet care and house security including dog walks and are for a 24 hour period, allowing from breaks. Covering dogs, cats, rabbits, small animals, hens, ducks etc. I have experience with a large variety of exotic, farmyard and domestic animals from my weekly voluntary role at a local animal rescue sanctuary and being a multiple pet owner myself also.

​​​Your pet/s will be comfortable in their own homes and their daily routine maintained.  Your house will be safe and secure and I'm happy to water plants, take in post etc to help you!

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Due to the current COVID crisis this service is currently on hold understandably until further notice.

I will visit a care home, day centre, or individual's private home with a choice of animals for 1 hour visit *subject to availability

Holding , stroking and interacting with animals, especially for the elderly or those with disabilities can prompt happy memories and encourage conversation and boost confidence and morale. Being with a pet can prompt the release of the 'feel good' hormone Serotonin and can help reduce stress, anxiety and lower blood pressure. Pets can also have an astounding effect on symptoms of depression.

Great service for individuals who may be living alone or regularly spend a lot of time alone , feeling lonely and isolated who would love some company along with some furry friends.  Elderly people who may have once owned a pet and now due to age or environment are not able too have told us how incredibly barren and lonely their lives were without their pets’ companionship, so any help we can offer, we would love too.

We can share a cup of tea, have a good chat while the pets can held, stroked and interacted with, as preferred. Pricing dependant on number of people, number of animals and time, up to 2 hours and I can make the tea and bring the biscuits.


Pet Taxi Service

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Pet Taxi service available for drop off and collection for all your pets grooming or vet's appointments, catteries or kennel drop off/collections that you may not able to attend yourself. I am fully insured for this service and my large, secure vehicle is fully air conditioned, fitted out with back seat dog harnesses and a secure boot safety guard.  I always carry a variety of extra dog leads, travel food/water bowls and aromatherapy calming products along with a selection of tasty dog and cat treats.

I know travelling and appointments can be stressful for some pets, especially cats and small animals so will aim to make the experience as peaceful and stress free for them as possible. For dogs travelling in the boot section I have soft and very cosy blankets for your pets extra travel comfort. I have a range of various sized travel pet carriers also available for cats, rabbits and small hens also should you need to use.

Whether your pet prefers a silent trip or may enjoy to listening to certain music on their journey i always aim to please. I love music and carry a large music selection from Funk, Soul, Rock, Hip Hop, to Jazz and 80's...or more soothing and calming Classical. I will ensure your pet has a safe yet fun journey as is required:)

Price from £15 for 30 minutes overall service, depending on distance and length of appointment of course. As each service will understandably be bespoke and unique, please get in touch to discuss your specific needs.